Wheel Alignment & Balancing


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    Let’s understand why is Wheel Alignment & Balancing Important.

    What is Wheel Alignment?

    Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of your tyres so that they are aligned parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. This helps to ensure that your car drives straight and prevents uneven tyre wear.

    Benefits of Wheel Alignment for Maruti & Nexa Cars:

    • Improved Handling and Stability: Correct wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels of your Maruti car are all pointing in the same direction. This alignment enhances your vehicle’s handling, providing better control and stability.
    • Enhanced Tyre Life: Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear, leading to premature tyre replacement. Wheel alignment helps distribute the weight evenly across all tyres, ensuring they wear out uniformly and last longer, saving you money in the long run.
    • Fuel Efficiency: When your Maruti or Nexa car’s wheels are misaligned, your vehicle’s engine has to work harder to overcome the resistance & drag caused by the misalignment. Proper alignment reduces this resistance, optimizing fuel efficiency and potentially lowering your fuel costs.
    • Improved safety: Proper wheel alignment can help to prevent accidents by reducing the risk of skidding and loss of control.
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    What is Wheel Balancing?

    Wheel balancing is the process of adding weights to your tyres to ensure that they are rotating evenly. This helps to prevent vibration and improves the ride quality.

    Benefits of Wheel Balancing for Cars:

    • Smooth and Comfortable Ride: Even a slight imbalance in your Maruti or Nexa car’s wheels can cause vibrations and an uncomfortable driving experience. Wheel balancing eliminates these vibrations, providing a smooth & comfortable ride
    • Improved Suspension and Steering: Balanced wheels minimize stress on your Maruti Suzuki car’s suspension system, promoting its longevity. Additionally, proper wheel balancing enhances steering responsiveness, allowing you to maintain control and manoeuvrability while driving.
    • Extended tyre Life: Unbalanced wheels can lead to uneven tyre wear, resulting in a shorter tyre lifespan. By balancing the wheels of your car, you ensure that weight is evenly distributed, preventing premature tyre wear and extending their durability.

    How Often Should I Get My Wheels Aligned and Balanced?

    The frequency with which you need to get your wheels aligned and balanced depends on a number of factors, including:
    • The type of car you drive: Some cars are more prone to misalignment and imbalance than others.
    • The driving conditions you encounter: If you drive in rough or uneven road conditions, you may need to get your wheels aligned and balanced more often.
    • Your driving habits: If you are a heavy or aggressive driver, you may need to get your wheels aligned and balanced more often.
    • In general, it is a good idea to get your wheel alignment and balancing checked at nearby authorised dealer workshop every 5,000 to 6,000 kilometres & every time you change your tyres.
    However, if you notice any of the following signs, you should just search for wheel alignment and balancing near me:
    • Your car pulls to one side while driving
    • Your steering wheel is off-centre
    • Your tyres are wearing unevenly
    • Your car vibrates while driving

    Where Can I Get My Wheels Aligned and Balanced?

    You should get your Car’s wheel alignment and balancing done only at an authorized dealer workshop or service center for multiple reasons.
    • Authorized dealer workshops have trained technicians who are familiar with the specific needs of your car.
    • They will be able to properly diagnose any alignment or balancing issues and make the necessary adjustments.
    • Knowing that your car is being serviced by qualified technicians using genuine parts can give you peace of mind.
    • This is especially important if you have a new car or a car that is still under warranty.

    Why Choose Shivam Auto Zone, Your Authorized Maruti Dealer Workshop?

    • Shivam Autozone has a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in wheel alignment and balancing services for Maruti & Nexa cars.
    • At Shivam Autozone, we invest in Cutting-Edge Equipment for wheel alignment and balancing.
    • Our advanced technology ensures precise measurements and adjustments, guaranteeing optimal performance for your vehicle.
    • Shivam Autozone service centers are at convenient locations near you across Mumbai, Thane & Palghar including Kandivali, Malad, Andheri, Shahapur, Boisar, Nalasopara, Wada, Talasari & Vikramgad
    Don’t Compromise on Safety and Performance for Your Maruti Suzuki Car! Ensure your Maruti Suzuki or Nexa car’s wheels are properly aligned and balanced correctly by availing of our professional services at Shivam Autozone, your authorized dealer workshop. Visit Shivam Autozone, your trusted destination for top-notch wheel alignment and balancing services for Maruti Suzuki and Nexa cars in Mumbai, Thane & Palghar. Book an appointment with us today & Avail Exciting Discount Offers on Wheel Alignment & Balancing!

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    Customer Reviews

    Jeyasuman Nadar
    Jeyasuman Nadar
    You'll save in fuel
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    Word of caution to every Car owner & driver, Ensure that you get Wheel Alignment & Balancing done at a near by authorised service center at regular intervals. Your tyres will go a long way & you'll save in fuel. I got my Maruti WagonR Wheel Alignment done & Balancing done at Shivam Autozone Boisar.
    Akshay Nayaka
    Akshay Nayaka
    Keep it up team!
    Read More
    I got my Nexa XL6 car servicing, wheel alignment, wheel balancing & tyre rotation done after 7000 kms at Maruti Shivam Autozone Service Center in Malad. Good Service. keep it up Team!
    Chetan Sankpal
    Chetan Sankpal
    Thank you Shivam Autozone
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    My car kept moving to the right side even on a straight road. i took an appointment Online and Maruti Suzuki Service center team at Nalasopara did Wheel Alignment at reasonable charges.. Now the drive is straight and smooth. Thank you Shivam Autozone


    Your Car Warranty stays intact when servicing is done at an Authorised Service Center as compared to a local Garage. Maruti Suzuki Authorised Service Centers use only Genuine Spare Parts & Oils, unlike local garages. In addition, besides many other advantages, the overall performance and safety aspects of the vehicle are better with servicing at Maruti Suzuki Authorised Workshops.

    In your Car’s Owner Manual, you will find “Periodic Maintenance Schedule” under the “Inspection and Maintenance” section. You should follow the prescribed schedule and accordingly send your car to a Maruti Suzuki Service Centre for check-up and maintenance service. However, in the case of a second-hand car, you will have to do the maintenance check and car service on a more frequent basis. This will reduce your car maintenance cost and increase the life of your vehicle. In addition, please ensure that you carry out your car maintenance services only at an Authorised Maruti Suzuki Service Center.

    The Car Oil should be changed as per the schedule mentioned in your Car Owners Manual. Also, it is very important to replace Oil filters along with the engine oil. In other words, it is recommended to get oil and fuel filters checked regularly and replaced as prescribed by the Service Manager at any Authorised Maruti Suzuki Service Center.

    Wheel Alignment is an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension system. And, alignment is done to get the wheels perpendicular to the road surface & parallel to each other.
    Wheel Balancing is a process of distribution of mass for balancing the weights of a tyre & wheel assembly. In other words, balancing is done to adjust any weight imbalances in the tyres or wheels and make sure that the weight is evenly distributed in all the wheels and tyres of a Car.
    Tyre Rotation means regularly changing the position of each tyre of your vehicle. Thus, a periodic tyre rotation will not only help increase the life of your tyres but also increase the fuel efficiency of the Car. Moreover, Tyre rotation should be done as per the schedule recommended in your Owner’s manual.

    Firstly, regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle will play a very vital role in increasing car fuel efficiency. Secondly, better driving habits, use of recommended spare parts and lubricants, regular maintenance and upkeep of tyres are a few important ways to enhance the fuel efficiency of your car. Further, we urge you to follow the prescribed schedule and instructions given in your Owner’s Manual for optimising your vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.