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    Whether you need to pay to buy and book your new Maruti Suzuki Car or get any other service related to your car, we’ve got it all in one place for your ease. Simply fill in your details, Pay and consider it done.

    For providing you with the convenient feature of Online payment with security, we have partnered with a trusted payment gateway. Now paying for all services related to your Maruti Suzuki or NEXA car is literally at your fingertips. This feature can be used from the luxury of your home or office or while you are on move. Now pay all your car & service related bills online without any hassles!

    Once you fill in all the relevant details, it will guide you to a secure payment gateway which provides you with multiple options to make a payment online.

    Firstly you can pay and book a car online. In addition, you can use Online payment option for paying your Maruti Suzuki car Service bills & our Pick-up & Drop associate will drop your car at a convenient location. Moreover you can also learn driving from Maruti Suzuki Driving School and make an Online payment for it. Also, it can be used for making your car more stylish by buying accessories & paying Online. You can renew your car insurance by paying Online and the new insurance policy will be delivered at your doorstep. Furthermore, you can get absolute peace of mind by extending your car warranty by paying Online & getting an Extended Warranty on your favourite Maruti Suzuki car. Just fill in the details & Click Pay.