Tour H1 Alto

₹ 4,80,500/-
(Ex-showroom price)

Tour H3 WagonR

₹ 5,51,500/-
(Ex-showroom price)

Tour M Ertiga

₹ 9,80,000/-
(Ex-showroom price)

Tour S Dzire

₹ 6,56,000/-
(Ex-showroom price)

Tour V Eeco

₹ 5,29,000/-
(Ex-showroom price)

Maruti Suzuki Tour Cars in Mumbai: Your Spacious & Fuel-Efficient Business Partners

Maruti Suzuki Tour is a passenger carrier range of commercial segment cars which includes Tour H1 (Alto), Tour H3 (WagonR), Tour S (Dzire), Tour V (ECCO), Tour M (Ertiga). Whether you’re a fleet manager with ambitious goals, a taxi entrepreneur carving your own path, or simply seeking an affordable, comfortable and fuel-efficient car for your business ventures, Maruti Suzuki Tour Cars have got you covered. Renowned for their spacious cabins, extra driving comfort, Powerful Performance, and High Fuel Efficiency, these vehicles are engineered to empower your business journeys, every step of the way.

Experience the Tour Car:

Maruti Suzuki Tour cars consist of salient features like Speed Limiting, Extra Driving Comfort, Low Ownership Cost, Airbags, Powerful Engines, up to 7-Seater Capacity, and Factory-Fitted CNG.

Step inside the driver’s seat and discover ample legroom and headroom for yourself and your passengers, ensuring long commutes are a breeze. Ergonomic seats with support for every mile further enhancing a comfortable drive.

Turn heads at every stop with the sleek and stylish exterior of Maruti Suzuki Tour Cars. From the modern Dzire (Tour S) to the family-friendly 7 seater Ertiga (Tour M), each model exudes a sense of assurance and confidence that reflects your business professionalism.

Safety comes first at Shivam Autozone Maruti Suzuki, and Maruti Suzuki Passenger Carrier Tour Cars are equipped with advanced safety features like Dual Front Airbags, ABS with EBD and Break Assist, Seat Belt Reminder, Rear parking sensors and many more. Additional features like hill-hold assist and driver fatigue detection elevate your peace of mind on every journey.

Under the hood of every Maruti Suzuki Tour Car is a High Performance Powerful Engine. Choose from a range of fuel-efficient engines, including the tried-and-tested 1.2L petrol or the eco-friendly factory fitted S-CNG option, optimized to deliver optimal performance on low mileage thus keeping your operating costs low.
Performance isn’t just about power, it’s about handling and maneuverability. These Tour cars boast responsive steering wheels, well-balanced suspensions and cruise control, making them comfortable and safe at navigating city streets and highways.

Maruti Suzuki Tour Cars are renowned for their exceptional fuel economy whether its WagonR (Tour H3), Alto (Tour H1), or EECO (Tour V), each Maruti tour car provides the most out of every drop of fuel, no matter if you’re clocking up miles in the city or cruising down the highway, you can be confident you’re saving up the most on fuel efficiency, converting to significant cost savings in the long run.

Ready to fuel your business growth? Then experience the transformative power of Maruti Suzuki Tour Cars today. Visit Shivam Autozone, your trusted Maruti Suzuki dealership in Mumbai, and discover the perfect vehicle for your specific needs.

At Shivam Autozone, we offer:

  • The best on-road prices: Get the most competitive deals on your brand-new Maruti Suzuki Tour Car.
  • Flexible financing options: We work with leading banks and financial institutions to provide tailored Car Loan solutions that suit your budget.
  • Highest Exchange offers: Get the highest value for your old used car when you trade it in for a new Maruti Suzuki Tour Car.
  • Expert consultation: Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the perfect Tour Car model for your specific business needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience the Maruti Suzuki Tour Car difference for yourself. Visit your nearby Shivam Autozone outlet today and unlock a world of business possibilities

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