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We provide maruti suzuki car service all over mumbai, thane & Palghar!

Get Your Maruti Suzuki Car Service Faster With Ease And More Conveniently Than Ever. We Welcome You To Our Maruti Suzuki Authorized Dealer Car Service Centers In Mumbai. Above All, These Workshops Are A Perfect Blend Of Advanced Technology And Well-Trained, Highly Skilled Maruti Suzuki Trained Technicians. Shivam Autozone Is Proud Of One Of The Widest & Best Maruti Suzuki Authorised Car Dealer Service Center Network In Mumbai, Thane & Palghar.



What is the difference between Maruti Authorised Service Center or Local Garage?

Your Car Warranty stays intact when servicing is done at an Authorised Service Center as compared to a local Garage. Maruti Suzuki Authorised Service Centers use only Genuine Spare Parts & Oils, unlike local garages. In addition, besides many other advantages, the overall performance and safety aspects of the vehicle are better with servicing at Maruti Suzuki Authorised Workshops.

In your Car’s Owner Manual, you will find “Periodic Maintenance Schedule” under the “Inspection and Maintenance” section. You should follow the prescribed schedule and accordingly send your car to a Maruti Suzuki Service Centre for check-up and maintenance service. However, in the case of a second-hand car, you will have to do the maintenance check and car service on a more frequent basis. This will reduce your car maintenance cost and increase the life of your vehicle. In addition, please ensure that you carry out your car maintenance services only at an Authorised Maruti Suzuki Service Center.

The Car Oil should be changed as per the schedule mentioned in your Car Owners Manual. Also, it is very important to replace Oil filters along with the engine oil. In other words, it is recommended to get oil and fuel filters checked regularly and replaced as prescribed by the Service Manager at any Authorised Maruti Suzuki Service Center.

Wheel Alignment is an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension system. And, alignment is done to get the wheels perpendicular to the road surface & parallel to each other.
Wheel Balancing is a process of distribution of mass for balancing the weights of a tyre & wheel assembly. In other words, balancing is done to adjust any weight imbalances in the tyres or wheels and make sure that the weight is evenly distributed in all the wheels and tyres of a Car.
Tyre Rotation means regularly changing the position of each tyre of your vehicle. Thus, a periodic tyre rotation will not only help increase the life of your tyres but also increase the fuel efficiency of the Car. Moreover, Tyre rotation should be done as per the schedule recommended in your Owner’s manual.

Firstly, regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle will play a very vital role in increasing car fuel efficiency. Secondly, better driving habits, use of recommended spare parts and lubricants, regular maintenance and upkeep of tyres are a few important ways to enhance the fuel efficiency of your car. Further, we urge you to follow the prescribed schedule and instructions given in your Owner’s Manual for optimising your vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.


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