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When you want to sell your used car, the most important thing that matters is getting a good price for it and quick payment. Maruti Suzuki True Value is one place where you get this and much more.

True Value ensures that selling your car is an easy and comfortable process. The first step at True Value when you decide to sell your pre-owned car is a digital evaluation of your car. You can simply book a free doorstep digital evaluation of your used car Online with Shivam Autozone True Value outlets at a time convenient to you. Our professionals will thereafter inspect your car as per the defined process and take care of the rest.

Our certified evaluators follow a detailed digital evaluation process that covers every aspect of car inspection.Maruti Suzuki True Value has an exhaustive checklist of 376 quality checkpoints for a thorough inspection of the car. This helps in ensuring that your car’s estimated value is accurate.

At True Value, arriving at the right price for your old car is not guesswork. Maruti Suzuki True value uses AI-powered Scientific Pricing Engine to derive the correct and fair price quote for your used car. The Scientific Pricing Engine uses Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time price ranges, based on criteria such as make and model of the vehicle, usage, condition, and depreciation over the years of ownership. Thus at True Value, you get a fair and realistic price quote for your pre-owned car through a transparent transaction. As soon as your details are verified at the RTO, the payment is made in full at the earliest.

Another thing that worries anyone who is looking at selling their car is the paperwork and the documentation process. At True Value selling your used car is hassle-free as all the paperwork is in place. We take care of the complete documentation process to give you a convenient car selling experience.

Visit the Shivam Autozone Maruti Suzuki true Value outlet nearby to experience exemplary services in selling your used car at the best market price. You can visit our website to book your used Car’s Digital Evaluation Online. Thereafter, you can either opt for a doorstep evaluation or get it done at your nearest Shivam Autozone True Value outlet.

The second-hand car market in Mumbai is huge and has been unorganized for a long time. However, the good news is that the scenario is fast changing. Thus, come to Shivam Autozone and experience our Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom in Mumbai & Palghar. And, we assure you that it will change your complete opinion about buying and selling used cars in Mumbai. Furthermore, Maruti Suzuki True Value has professional values like Transparency, Reliability, Simplicity & Warmth at its core. Finally, True Value redefines the experience and achieves its fundamental objective of empowering both, pre-owned car buyers and sellers.

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Can we exchange an old Maruti car for a new one?

Yes, you can exchange your used Car for a brand new Maruti Suzuki Car of your choice. You can also avail of ongoing Exchange Bonus Offers on your selected model.

True Value provides numerous advantages to ease your car buying experience. It is the leading destination for quality Pre-owned Cars which are digitally evaluated on 376 checkpoints. Every Maruti Suzuki True Value certified Pre-Owned car comes with the seal of quality assurance. You also get a warranty of up to one year* and three free services* when you buy from True Value outlet.
True Value provides fair, transparent prices on pre-owned cars from multiple brands. Along with expertise and Trust, true value provides exemplary services.

You can either opt for doorstep car evaluation or you can get your car evaluated at any of our True Value outlets. You can call us and book an appointment for car evaluation or go on our website and submit your details to schedule your car evaluation at your convenience.

Maruti Suzuki True Value does a 376 checkpoint inspection while evaluating any Pre-owned Car. The inspection is done digitally and includes a thorough inspection of exteriors, interiors, structural damage, and engine for mechanical wear and tear.

Once your car is sold at True Value, we perform a thorough quality check on it. Post that it undergoes a refurbishment process to make sure the car is new-like and in top condition and then it is put on sale.


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