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The current generation is all about staying connected; with your friends, your family, your work, your co-workers, and the entire world at large.

In this time and age, it is equally important to stay connected with your vehicle. Maruti Suzuki S-Connect is a technology that does exactly that.It keeps you connected with your vehicle. Let’s learn how.

what is suzuki connect?

Suzuki Connect is an advanced Telematics solution that connects you with your Nexa car. Built on 3 pillars of Safety, Security & Performance, it gives you near real-time information about your vehicle’s location, driving behaviour analysis, emergency alerts, preventive functions, and more. Maruti Suzuki S-Connect helps in enhancing your driving experience, vehicle longevity & fuel efficiency.

how does suzuki connect work?

Suzuki Connect is an embedded Telematics Control Unit (TCU) & GPS receiver, which can communicate back to you via onboard network connectivity. The hardware is placed out of sight and hardwired into the vehicle, eliminating the possibility of any tampering It is available to you, via a simple smartphone app, available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Low Fuel Alert

 S-Connect sends you alerts on your phone when your car’s fuel level is too low

Tow away alert

If the car is moved or towed away, you’ll get a notification immediately

Over-Speeding Alert

Suzuki Connect sends you an alert on your phone if your car is driven over the speed limit, or a limit predefined by you.

Instant Roadside Assistance

You can now connect directly to 24×7 Roadside Assistance with a single touch on your Smartphone screen through the app

Technical Diagnosis & Support

Suzuki Connect with Preventive function call can now inform Nexa technical team directly if something isn’t functioning properly so that the diagnosis & assistance including the location of the nearest service station or towing facility can be provided proactively before it becomes a technical issue

Driving Behaviour Score

SConnect gives a detailed analysis & an overall score of your driving traits like Acceleration, Speed, Braking, Trip time and more so you can improve accordingly and drive safer & more efficiently.

Share your Location

You can send Real-time & automatic location updates to any desired contact when driving at night, or down unfamiliar roads

Navigate to the parked car

Suzuki Connect on your phone gives you accurate directions down to the metre to your parked car in case you forgot where you parked your car.


Suzuki Connect will notify you if your car crosses a defined Geo-fence area or speed set by you

Vehicle details

Suzuki Connect sends you important details regarding your car like usage of air-conditioning, kilometre reading & whether seat belts are being used or not

Fuel efficiency

Suzuki Connect gives detailed fuel efficiency figures over a period of time in one place for easy comparative analysis

Live Tracking

Onboard GPS and transmitter give you access to your car’s location, right on your phone. With Connect, you can track your car anywhere, anytime

how can you get suzuki connect?

Suzuki Connect is available for just Rs 9,999 for a three-year subscription. It covers the hardware, connectivity charges & gives you access to all the functions & benefits. After 3 years, the service can be used by paying nominal data usage charges. Visit Shivam Autozone showrooms in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & Palghar or our Service Centers to get the device installed in the car and for excellent after-sales service.

For Online inquiries, kindly click Here.

Suzuki Connect is the future technology of the automobile industry & it is available for you to experience in your Nexa and Maruti Suzuki cars.
For more detailed information, kindly refer to the Brochure: Suzuki_Connect-brochure


What are the features of Maruti Suzuki S-Connect?

Maruti Suzuki S-Connect comes with 40+ Exciting features like vehicle tracking, safety & security alerts, Trips & Driving behavior, Vehicle Status & Alerts, Smartwatch connectivity, and many more

Features may vary as per models and variants

To seamlessly connect with your Suzuki through S-Connect, Shivam Autozone makes the registration process effortless. Here’s how you can smoothly navigate it by keeping the following details ready:
– Your mobile number associated with your vehicle or Suzuki Connect device, which matches with the one used during the billing or purchase process.
– Your vehicle’s registration number (also known as VIN).
Once you’re ready, follow these steps:
1. Review the S-Connect Terms & Conditions.
2. Initiate the verification process by clicking the “Request OTP” button. This will send a one-time password to your registered mobile number.
3. Enter the OTP received.
4. Proceed to create a New and Strong password to safeguard your S-Connect account.

That’s it! You’ve successfully completed the registration process and are now ready to unlock the features of Maruti Suzuki with S-Connect, If you need any further assistance do not hesitate to drop us a call at 7777002895 / 9326721147

You have to firstly sign up with your registered mobile number and valid VIN/ VRN number. If multiple vehicles are linked to that phone number, you can access them all by clicking on the ‘Profile’ section within the Suzuki Connect app.

Accessing the device software directly through external sources such as USB, SD Card, or Wi-Fi is not supported.

Maruti Suzuki S-Connect is only available in following Maruti Cars:

Maruti S-Connect Available in All Variants for Arena Cars: WagonR, Swift, Dzire, Alto, Celerio, Spresso

Maruti S-Connect Available in Given Variants for Arena Cars: Brezza (Available only in LXI, VXI, ZXI) and Ertiga (Available Only in LXI, VXI)

Maruti S-Connect Available in All Variants for NEXA Cars: Ciaz, Ignis

Maruti S-Connect Available in Given Variants for NEXA Cars: Baleno (Available Only in Sigma/Delta) and Fronx (Available Only in Sigma/Delta/Delta+)

*Note: Above models and variables can change as per Maruti guidelines*


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