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Maruti Suzuki Subscribe


    Why Maruti Suzuki Subscribe?

    Maruti Suzuki subscribe is a surprisingly easy way to bring home a new car without actually buying it. If you subscribe for a Maruti Suzuki or a Nexa car, you just have to choose a car, choose from flexible tenure options, and pay a nominal fixed monthly fee that covers the insurance and maintenance cost of the car. Maruti Suzuki Subscribe also comes with other benefits to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience.

    What are the Benefits of Maruti Suzuki Subscribe?


    Choose from a wide range of brand new Maruti Suzuki & NEXA Cars that include WagonR, New Swift, BalenoCelerioCiazDzire, Ertiga, FronxGrand Vitara, Ignis, Invicto, JimnyBrezza, and XL6

    Choose a flexible tenure starting from 12 months to 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 months*. Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is a perfect solution if you need a car for short time or if you want to upgrade or change the Car every year.
    Choose whether you want to Subscribe to a Car with a White Plate registration or a Black Plate registration
    Choose your subscription partner after comparing the best offers from various subscriptions partners.


    An all-inclusive monthly fee that covers Down payment, Complete maintenance, services, insurance, and repairs costs including parts and consumables, 24X7 road assistance.
    If you want to upgrade or your tenure has come to an end, Maruti Suzuki Subscribe offers Zero resale hassles and no resale risks.


    Affordable subscription plans
    Pay a nominal monthly fee which is all-inclusive
    Zero Down payment + Zero Insurance cost + Zero maintenance and service cost

    What are the Benefits of Maruti Suzuki Subscribe?

    STEP 1 – Choose a Car, Tenure, and a Subscription Partner

    STEP 2 – Complete the application and make Payment

    STEP 3 – Take delivery of your brand New Car

    STEP 4 – Return or Upgrade your Car

    Visit Shivam Autozone showroom in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, or Palghar and subscribe to your favorite Maruti Suzuki or NEXA Car with a quick and hassle-free process.

    Customer Reviews

    Manoj Nambiar
    Manoj Nambiar
    Best option!
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    If you move between cities for your job or business, then Maruti Suzuki Car Subscription is the best option! I just pay nominal monthly fee as per the tenure plan I selected & Now I own a Brand New Maruti Dzire Car without actually buying it at Zero Down Payment. Also, if I wish to switch between any Maruti car models, for example, if I don’t like the first car and want to upgrade it, then I can choose from the preferred Car model as per the subscription plan. Thanks to Maruti Showroom, Shivam Autozone, Boisar for introducing me to the idea of subscribing a Car & such hassle-free Ownership.
    Shiji Peter
    Shiji Peter
    We were well attended!
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    Me & my husband were planning to buy a brand new Maruti Suzuki so we visited Shivam Autozone Showroom in Kandivali. We were well attended to by their Sales team & overall staff was very co-operative. Here for the first time I was introduced with Maruti Suzuki Subscribe Plan. It was one of best the Car Subscription plan which I've ever come across. You can choose from any of the Maruti Suzuki Arena & NEXA cars available in the Subscription portfolio. Pay only a fixed all-inclusive small monthly fee which includes Car Service, Car Insurance, Car maintenance, Emergency road-side assistance & much more! Without giving a second though we opted for the New Maruti Suzuki Brezza 2022 and drove the brand new car home. Thanks Team Shivam!!
    Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh
    Shivam Autozone is very helpful!
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    The best part of owning a new car with Maruti Suzuki Subscribe Plan is No Down Payment, No Maintenance & Insurance Cost & No resale Risk. Just an all inclusive nominal monthly fee with flexible tenure options with hassle-free paperwork. The sales team at Shivam Autozone is very helpful and prompt in clearing any doubts and handholding customers till the delivery of the New Car. we'll surely refer Maruti Suzuki Shivam Autozone to my friends and family


    It’s a car Subscription service offered by Maruti Suzuki wherein instead of buying the car, you can choose a flexible tenure and subscribe to a particular model of your choice from the subscription portfolio. You just need to pay a fixed monthly fee which includes car maintenance, insurance, usage, and service cost.

    Maruti Suzuki subscribe has flexible tenure options starting from as low as 12 months. So you can easily choose the tenure for your car subscription as per your requirement and convenience.

    At the end of the car subscription tenure, there are multiple options like Subscribers can either Upgrade to a new vehicle, or extend tenure up to 4 years, or buy back the subscribed vehicle.

    When you choose for Maruti Suzuki Subscribe, you have complete peace of mind with an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee which covers all cost including your downpayment. At the end of the subsciption tenure, you can either upgrade or change to a new car. You don’t have to worry about the resale risk involved. Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is the perfect option if you move to a new city for a short time as there are flexible tenure options starting from 12 months. Companies can file subscription rentals as expenses for greater Tax Savings.

    With Maruti Suzuki Subscribe, you can enjoy a car without paying any downpayment, maintenance, and insurance cost. By just paying an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee, you can subscribe to the car of your choice for a flexible tenure without any worry of resale risk

    Firstly, you choose a car, tenure, and a subscription partner. Thereafter you complete the application, submit the documents and make the payment. Now you can take delivery and enjoy driving your new Maruti Suzuki car. After using it for the subscribed tenure, you can return or upgrade your Car.

    When you opt to subscribe to a Maruti Suzuki Car, you pay a monthly fixed all-inclusive fee which covers car maintenance & insurance cost. So in Maruti Suzuki Subscribe, you don’t have to separately pay for maintenance & car insurance.

    There are multiple advantages of the Maruti Suzuki Car Subscription such as, you have access to Maruti Suzuki’s wide network of 3800 service centers across the country. You can also avail Maruti Suzuki’s 24×7 On-road assistance and get customer support whenever required. Maruti Suzuki’s subscription has complete transparency and no hidden charges. All Maruti Suzuki Cars are fitted with only Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts.