Top 10 most essential maruti suzuki car accessories

Most Essential Maruti Suzuki Car Accessories

Just like we make sure to carry few things which are very essential while travelling, there are a few basic and must have Car Accessories that every vehicle owner should ensure is available in their car at all times. This will not only help them protect their car but also will be very useful if they get stuck on the road for any unfortunate reason.

1. Car cover 

Most of the car owners in India do not have a garage or covered parking lot. To protect your car from dust, dirt, bird droppings, kids scratching the sides with coins etc. Please ensure you use car cover when parked. This way you don’t have to wash your car daily and can just pull off the cover and take it for a spin.

Top 10 Most Essential Maruti Suzuki Car Accessories

2. Seat covers & floor mattings

To keep your car clean and protected from inside, please use good quality seat covers and floor mattings. This way your factory fitted seat covers remain clean and get you a good resale value in future. You can also consider laminating your car floor making it very easy to wash and clean.

Most Essential Car Accessories

Car Accessories

3. Digital tyre inflator

None of us likes to get stuck in the middle of the road due to punctured tyres. Invest in a Digital Tyre Inflator from Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories. It is modern, convenient and easy-to-use. It is an indispensable tool not only for motorists but for lovers of outdoor activities & sports. Digital Tyre Inflator saves time as it inflates a punctured tyre quickly. It is cost-effective and comes very handy.

Maruti Suzuki Car Accessories

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4. Jumper cables

We don’t want to be stuck on the road due to car battery issues. If for any reason the car battery has drained out, all you need are jumper cables to quickly draw some power and restart the car. Also with many people driving Automatic transmission cars these days, jumper cables can save the day and avoid unnecessary hassle of towing your car to a nearby car service center.

5. Emergency tool kit & first aid kit

Unfortunately, if you face any kind of roadside emergency, investing in an emergency tool kit & first-aid kit will help you a lot. Kindly check your car tool kit, make a list of important tools or items missing and buy them on top priority because you never know when you or your car might land up in a critical situation.

Emergency Toolkit

Tool Kit For Car

First Aid Kit

Most Essential Maruti Suzuki Car Accessories

6. Gps navigator or smartplay infotainment system

A GPS navigator is a must for travelling to any unknown or new locations. A better option to have is Maruti Suzuki Smartplay Infotainment System. It is a modern touchscreen infotainment system which connects your car to your smartphone and to the cloud which enables you to use a host of world-class features. These features include multimedia support, navigation, voice recognition, car performance updates, advanced vehicle alerts, safety alerts and latest entertainment to name a few. It is a complete in-car entertainment system.

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7. Smart key finder

If you are in a habit of losing your car keys often, Smart key Finder is a must-have accessory for you. You can find your Valuables with your Smart Phone and the smart key finder also helps to locate your phone. It helps to see your last synced location on Google Maps. The smart key finder works as a remote for your phone’s camera to take a selfie. A very small but smart investment to make for every car owner.

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8. Car mobile charger

A smartphone is required to use gadgets and accessories mentioned above. It is needed to keep you entertained during your journey. And it is equally important to reach out for help in case of any emergency. But it’s of no use if your smartphone is not charged. With extensive use of mobile phones these days, it is critical to have a car mobile charger. This ensures you are always connected when on the road.

Most Essential Maruti Suzuki Car Accessories 3

9. Reverse parking sensors

Parking spaces are getting very congested these days and parking your car safely becomes a task. Reverse Parking sensors with camera make it very easy to park a car in these tight spots. It protects our car and nearby cars or spots from any damage. Mostly all cars these days come with Reverse parking sensors, but if not it is a very sane investment to make.

Maruti Suzuki Accessories

10. Air freshener & tissue paper

If your car interior is stinking for any reason, the entire journey becomes very uncomfortable. No matter how smooth your car is technically, it is very important that it smells good inside and gives you a fresh feeling while travelling. Car Air fresheners and tissue papers might not be essential but go a long way in making your drive comfortable and pleasant.

Now that we have listed them down, the best option to buy these car accessories would be Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories (MSGA). Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories are designed to provide maximum safety, better aesthetics, lasting durability and exceptional quality. For all Maruti car owners & Nexa car owners, the biggest benefit of fitting MSGA & GNA, Genuine Nexa Accessories is that their car warranty remains intact.

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