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Winter is Coming! Let’s talk about the most essential Winter Car Care tips.

With all the climate changes globally, winter is getting harsher in India every year. These days Indian winters can see rains, dense fog, and even snowfall in some parts of the country. It is very important to take special care of your car during the winter season to keep it in top working condition. We are providing you with an essential checklist related to service and car care to help you prepare your beloved car for the winter.

Complete Car Check-up:

Firstly, the most basic tip for winter car care is to get a thorough car check-up done from an authorised service center. Regular car check-up before any season change is always recommended and authorised service centers have a 42 point extensive checklist to examine the health of your car. Also get your car servicing done, if due. Getting your car’s periodic maintenance check-up and service done will result in the smooth functioning of all the core and essential parts of your car. this is the simplest and most important tip for preparing your car for the cold season.

Check your Car Battery:

We often experience trouble starting our cars during winter mornings. To avoid this here are a few things that you should follow for a healthy car battery during the cold season. Firstly, check and fill the required amount of distilled water in your car battery. Distilled water inside the battery is important for chemical reactions and if it freezes, it can lead to serious damage. Secondly, ensure that the car battery is sufficiently charged so as to avoid getting stranded on road due to a depleted battery charge. Starting your car during the winter season requires more electricity so either replace your old battery or charge your car battery at an authorised service center.

Warm up your Car Engine:

Rev up your car engine, let it idle, and warm up for a few minutes before you start driving it. Warming up your car engine will allow free flow of oils and lubricants which tend to thicken up during winter cold. This way, on starting the car, the engine parts get well lubricated to avoid excessive engine wear and tear and easy starting of the car. Car engine warming is the simplest and one of the most important winter car care tips.

Check the Car Tyres & Tyre Pressure:

If your car tyres are very old and don’t offer enough traction, it is quite possible for your car to skid on wet winter roads. Hence it is imperative that you have proper car tyres with sufficient tread depth to maintain the grip and stability on the road while driving. Also, in cold weather, tyre pressure tends to decrease so it is important to maintain the appropriate specified tyre pressure for optimal driving conditions.

Check your Headlights, Taillights & Fog Lamps:

Fog, smog, winter rains can all lead to reduced visibility while driving. Thus, it is important to ensure that your car’s lighting system is working properly. The car’s headlights should provide enough illumination to penetrate and provide a clear vision ahead. The bulbs in the rear taillights should be checked and replaced if need be. Fog lights play the most important role in avoiding accidents and enhancing car security and safety during rains and the winter season. They pierce through the dense fog which obstructs sight and at the same time alerts other vehicles by making your car more visible to other drivers on road.

Check the Windshield & Wipers:

A clean windshield is important for visibility and hence your safety. During winter months, mist, fog, and dust accumulate on your windshield, mainly due to the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the car. This can obstruct your clear vision ahead and can get very dangerous. Try to regulate the temperature difference, use your car’s defogger, clean the windshield washer nozzle, and ensure the windshield washer tank has enough clean water till the specified levels. Another important tip for winter car care is to make sure that your wiper blades are new and not hard or degraded.

Check the Coolant & Engine Oil Levels:

Coolant liquid works as antifreeze during winter temperature drops. It prevents radiator water from freezing and furthermore, ensures that the engine doesn’t freeze and stop working. Thus, please make sure there your car coolant is at adequate levels. The same applies to Engine Oil which should be checked and replaced if needed before winter starts. This will ensure optimum lubrication of the car engine at all times. If you are a Maruti Suzuki or a Nexa Car Owner, we have a range of Maruti Suzuki & Nexa Genuine Accessories and Spare Parts that can help you across the winter. From jumper cables to air inflators and from coolants to wiper blades, just click here and let us know your requirement. For your Maruti Suzuki Car check-up & regular maintenance service, to ensure its optimum performance during the winter, kindly bring your car to any of our Shivam Autozone authorised service center at Andheri / Kandivali / Malad / Boisar / Nalasopara / Shahapur / Talasari. across Mumbai, Thane & Palghar. You can call us for a service appointment on 8082696969 or click hyperlink CLICK with https://bit.ly/3E5gDS7 for booking an online car service appointment.


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