Maruti Suzuki Swift CNG
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    All New Maruti Suzuki Swift CNG

    Maruti Suzuki Swift now comes with S-CNG Technology making it India’s Most Powerful CNG Hatchback. Swift CNG is equipped with Factory-fitted-S-CNG technology that offers reliable performance, advanced safety, and supreme fuel efficiency. The new Swift CNG gives an incredibly high fuel efficiency of 30.90 km/kg*. S-CNG technology is available in the VXI and ZXI variants of Swift.

    Swift S-CNG Kit Safety Features:

    Swift S-CNG has undergone comprehensive testing with the CNG setup in place to provide long-term reliability and durability.

    1. The factory-fitted CNG setup in Maruti Swift comes with a leak-proof design made of stainless steel pipes and corrosion-resistant joints.
    2. Swift CNG comes with integrated wiring harness that eliminates the possibility of short circuits and has been extensively tested for safety 
    3. Due to retuned suspension and an Intelligent Injection System and dual interdependent ECUs, the Swift CNG delivers consistent performance in different driving conditions and terrains.

    Also, the new Maruti Suzuki Swift CNG model has features like a micro-switch for safety while filling, an NGV receptacle for quicker CNG refilling, and a CNG fuel level indicator.

    Swift CNG Driving Modes:

    There are basically three fuel modes available for the Swift S-CNG:

    • Petrol Mode: The car starts and drives on petrol in this mode.
    • Auto Mode: The car starts on petrol and immediately switches to CNG in this mode.
    • Forced CNG mode: In this mode, CNG is used to start the car. However, It is advisable to use this mode only when the car’s petrol level is extremely low.

    Now, limitless thrill comes with green mobility in the new Maruti Swift CNG. For further details on Exterior, Interior, Specifications, Colours and Price of Swift-CNG, kindly click here

    Book Swift CNG Online:

    You can also Book the new Maruti Swift CNG car Online across Mumbai, Thane & Palghar with Shivam Autozone or Visit our Arena Showrooms in KandivaliBoisarShahapurNalasoparaTalasari, Wada & Vikramgad.

    *As certified by Test Agency Under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989


    Yes! The New Maruti Suzuki Swift is now available in CNG Variants (VXi & ZXi) and is India’s Most Powerful CNG Hatchback which gives you a mileage of 30.90* km/kg.

    India’s Most Powerful CNG Hatchback, Maruti Suzuki Swift is now available in VXi & ZXi Variants which gives you a mileage of 30.90* km/kg

    The New Swift is now available is CNG variants!
    The current Ex-showroom price in Mumbai for VXi CNG is approx ₹ 7,77,000* & ZXi CNG is approx ₹ 8,45,000*.

    India’s Most Powerful CNG Hatchback, Maruti Suzuki Swift gives you an incredibly higher mileage of 30.90* km/kg